About Coded Memes and How to Get in Touch

Learn a bit more about why Coded Memes was created, who writes it, and how to get in touch.

About the Site

This site is intended for collecting the sorts of bits and pieces that every software developer or web admin or small business owner comes upon every now and again that seem useful at the time and which might — maybe, possibly, if the phase of the moon is right — wind up being useful again one day, perhaps even to other people. Like so many things, it was created in concept long before it bubbled its way up to the top of my to-do list, and even then it’s been lucky to see the light of day.

As someone who makes a living exclusively online and without a ‘boss’ (or anyone to pay the bills) other than myself, I often need things just to work, and to work quickly and reliably. As such, I often document my own ideas in only the most rudimentary shorthand before moving on to the next task. This site will be an exercise in setting things out in a little more detail, in hopes of not being entirely incomprehensible to other people.

So thanks for stopping by, feel free to have a look around, and if you find something useful here, even better!

About the Author

With one foot in science and technology and the other in the humanities, I’ve studied and worked in areas as diverse as philosophy of mind, counselling and psychotherapy, algorithmic information theory, artificial life, quantum decoherence, financial derivatives and corporate venturing. I’ve provided consulting services to industry and government clients in telecommunications, defence, and police in areas ranging from ground-based air defence to mergers and acquisitions valued in the tens of millions of pounds.

Born in Montana, I was educated in the US, Scotland and England; I’m a British Marshall Scholar, Gifford Research Fellow and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

You can read more about my general background on Google+ or from the publisher page of a leading mental health site; the latter also includes a few funky facts about me.

About Our Unofficial Logo

The graphic portion of our unofficial logo was created by the talented Israeli artist and illustrator Marina Zlochin and is used under license, copyright © Depositphotos.com/Marina Zlochin.

About Reviews

We will not accept payments, kickbacks, free ‘goodies’, or any other type of incentive in exchange for providing an endorsement or positive review of a product or service. In addition, contributors writing reviews — even those whom we normally pay to write for us — are not paid for reviews.

You can be assured that if we ever change this policy or decide for whatever reason to make an exception to it, we will disclose it to you.

When reviewing software, publishers send us a license to use their software (sometimes a ‘Not for Resale’ or ‘Review Only’ license), free of charge. We are under no obligation to review it positively — or to review it at all.

In all cases, we aim to provide honest to goodness real world reviews and not merely regurgitated ad copy or press release copy. Particularly in the case of software and hardware products, we make a point of actually using the items in a real business or private practice environment — for a period of weeks or, preferably, months — to find out how they measure up.

Getting in Touch

If you’d like to get in touch about content on this site or about advertising on this site, just drop me a note:

A few people have also asked about a PayPal or Bitcoin donation address, so here’s the PayPal address for an amount of your choice, as well as a Bitcoin address:


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