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Every small business owner, webmaster, software developer or system administrator is bound to come across a steady stream of ideas, methods, code snippets, and so on, which can make their lives a little easier. This site is my attempt to capture a few of these as they fly by me, in case they might be useful to someone else, and in case I want to re-visit them myself.

The general intention to set up a site like this has been bubbling around in the back of my mind for years now, and it’s about time I finally got on with it.

The impetus to get on with doing it came when I decided to make the change from a WHM/cPanel hosting environment to a Mac Mini running OS X Server. Although I’ve been an Apple user and programmer since the last 1970s, and although I’d been running websites on a Linux box for more than a decade, the combination of the two — Macs hosting websites — was entirely new to me. As such, I found myself needing to document what I was doing with the new server at far more than the usual level of detail. Since I never did find anywhere on the web to guide me through the sequence of steps I wound up taking with OS X Server, it seemed like a good occasion to finally launch this site and write about the server setup in a way that could possibly be useful to someone else.

So, here we go — starting with a look at hosting websites on a Mac Mini.

What’s up next? We’ll have to wait and see…

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